Doe v. Wareforce, Inc

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: June 27, 2017

Outcome: Settlement for $2.75M

This case involved a failed back surgery and over 17 years of fighting with CIGA over medical treatment. The case was resolved for $2.75 Million by way of a compromise and release agreement. It was a complicated case that involved an out of state injured worker and a number of fights in order for CIGA…

Doe v. Ashland Distribution

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: April 4, 2016

Outcome: settlement at $500,000

The applicant suffered a back injury that resulted in failed surgery.  After resisting settlement of the case for over 12 years, the defendant eventually agreed to resolve the case for $500,000.

Doe v. WA Rasic Construction Co.

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: May 26, 2016

Outcome: Settlement for $1,150,000

The injured worker sustained multiple injuries to multiple body parts over time working as a laborer for a construction company.  This was an ADR carveout case that was handled outside of the workers compensation appeals board.  Ms. Lam represented the applicant through 3 days of Arbitration before the parties came to settlement at $1,150,000.  It…

Doe v. Nationwide Security

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: October 29, 2015

Outcome: Settlement of $700,000

The applicant suffered severe psychiatric issues after being attacked while working as a security guard.  He had minimal orthopedic problems and most of his disability was psychiatric in nature. While the defense stuck to an offer of $75,000 for many years, we were able to prove the need for assistance for the applicant, which led…

Doe v. Northrup Grumman

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: July 27, 2015

Outcome: Settlement of $650,000

An injured worker suffered a back injury in 1998, underwent multiple surgeries and continued working for another 10 years. The applicant eventually retired and his case was settled for $650,000.

Doe v. SAB Miller Holdings

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: September 8, 2015

Outcome: Settlement

Applicant had an accident which resulted in amputation of three fingers. After years of fighting the firm was able to get him toe to finger transplant surgery to replace two of his three fingers. The case settled for $450,000 after his transplant surgeries were completed.

Doe v. ARB III

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: March 30, 2015

Outcome: Prevailed after trial

Sheryl Lam prevailed after trial and was able to obtain a solar heating system for the applicant’s pool so that he can continue his home based pool therapy.  The insurance company had refused to pay for the requested system which forced the case to trial and the favorable decision.

Doe v. Raytheon

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: December 15, 2013

Outcome: Settlement of over 2M with future medical care open

The injured worker suffered injuries to her face and eyes after an explosion. The case settled by an award valued at over $2,000,000 plus future medical care remains open.

Doe v. Longs Drugs

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: February 3, 2015

Outcome: Settlement of $955,000 including serious and willful and civil cases

Workers compensation arm injury that resolved for $472,000.  The applicant also received a third party settlement of $308,000, the defendant agreed to waive their credit rights for the applicant’s third party recovery.  In addition, the applicant resolved the claim against the employer for Serious and Willful misconduct for $175,000.   The total settlement amount was $955,000…

Doe v. ARB

Practice Area: Workers Compensation

Date: February 3, 2010

Outcome: Settlement over $3M with future medical care open

The applicant suffered a catastrophic construction accident which the employer attempted to cover-up the facts. We participated in the OSHA hearing as well as the workers compensation hearing. Because of our participation in the OSHA hearing we were able to settle the Serious and Willful portion of the case for $950,000. The regular case settled…