Firm Overview


Silberman & Lam, LLP is a practice that focuses on Workers’ Compensation and related matters. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the Workers’ Compensation field, Scott Silberman and Sheryl Lam have founded a practice that puts the injured worker first. With technology based offices centrally located in Santa Ana and San Diego, Silberman & Lam, LLP is able to assist injured workers throughout Southern California.

By using technological advancements of e-filing, maintaining electronic files, telepresence robots and through the use of iPads and computers, Silberman and Lam, LLP is able to quickly access client’s files, address client’s concerns and quickly resolve outstanding issues. It is the goal of Silberman & Lam, LLP to increase the speed that things happen in Workers’ Compensation and cut down in the delays that are often experienced in the field.

Between our attorneys and full time staff, we currently speak the following languages:  Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian and Polish.  Interpreters are available in other languages if needed.