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Injured Worker v. Cedars Sinai Health Center, SIBTF
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $1,700,000.00)
Injured Worker v. Medieval Times
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $1,200,000.00)
Injured Worker v. Woodlake School District, SIBTF
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $500,000.00)
Injured Worker v. Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority, SIBTF
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $300,000.00)
Injured Worker v. Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority, SIBTF
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $1,800,000.00)

Orange County Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Silberman & Lam, LLP is a practice that focuses on Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation and related matters.

Under California law, every employer that operates in the Golden State must purchase and maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage for every one of their full-time and part-time employees. If you sustain any physical injury or illness as a direct result of conditions you faced while performing job-related tasks, you should be able to seek various economic benefits on a no-fault basis through your employer’s workers’ comp plan.

Even though there is no need to prove someone specific to blame for a work-related injury or illness in order to receive benefits, making the most of your workers’ comp claim can still be a deceptively tricky endeavor. Working with a knowledgeable Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer could make a tremendous difference not only in the amount of compensation you get in the short term, but also in how well you are able to protect your future prospects after a workplace accident.

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Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation is a complex area of the law where recent legislation has made it more difficult for injured workers to obtain their full benefits and medical treatment without the assistance of an attorney.

Temporary Disability
Temporary Disability

Temporary Disability is money paid while you can not work because of your work related injury.

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Permanent Disability
Permanent Disability

Permanent Disability is a measure of disability that still exists after you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement.

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Medical Treatment
Medical Treatment

Workers’ Compensation is supposed to provide for medical treatment that will cure or relieve a worker needed because of work related injuries.

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Steps to Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

It is always best practice for employees to report workplace injuries or illnesses to their employers in writing as soon as possible after discovering them, since the effective deadline for providing that notice is generally 30 days after the injury or illness first manifests. Upon receiving notice of a workplace incident, the filing worker’s employer must give that employee a workers’ comp claim form within one working day. The Division of Workers’ Compensation within the California Department of Industrial Relations also provides this form online.

Once the employer receives this completed form and fills out the “employer” section themselves, they must forward it to their workers’ compensation insurance provider, which usually has 14 days at most to inform the claimant by mail of their claim’s status. Assistance from a skilled workers’ comp lawyer in Orange County could be crucial not just to ensuring an initial application for benefits is accurate and contains as much relevant documentation as possible, but also to resolving any issues that may arise during any stage of this process.

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Avvo rating 10.0
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Our Orange County Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Between failures by employers to comply with state law, opposition from insurance reps, and the inherent difficulty of demonstrating how severe your condition really is, your odds of achieving a positive claim resolution without dedicated legal representation could be very slim. A tenacious Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer could be your strongest and most steadfast ally from start to finish of your case. Call today for a private consultation.

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Expedite in a Timely Manner

As a Korean speaking client, I want to thank this law office for their kindness and good efforts to expedite my case in timely manner. They are really good and prompt in answering my questions and updating me on my case progress at my request.

Also, there is a korean interpreter available all the time to any appointment including informal meeting with Scott or Sheryl free of charge. This is a big advantage and help to me for communication . I really appreciate this. I strongly recommend this office to any Koreans who are looking for good and competent attorney for representation on workers comp cases.

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Chris, A Workers Compensation Client
Feel At Ease

The law office of Silberman & Lam has been very knowledgeable and professional in handling my workers compensation claim. I would recommend this law firm to anyone. The concern and care they offer, immediately makes me feel at ease. They are always easy to reach when I have questions, and keep me informed of every step along the way. I am extremely satisfied and very comfortable with Silberman and Lam representing me. Michael Rojas is very caring and always responds back to me with out long delays, I have heard horror stories about workers compensation attorneys. I have been so lucky and blessed to find this law firm.

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Tracy, A Workers Compensation Client
Know What They’re Doing

Workers Comp is a nightmare, but this law firm knows what they’re doing. The paralegal ,Christina, on my case was great at answering all my questions throughout the 3 years of my case. She answered emails phone calls and whatever I needed. The attorney on my case did a great job also. Attorney Loc Pham, from the first day we met was very understanding and truthful with me. He kept me in the loop with everything going on. When it came time to settle he was able to get us more than we had hoped for. I would definitely recommend and use him again if I ever needed it.

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Malerie, A Workers Compensation Client
Very Communicative

The attorneys, Scott Silberman and Sheryl Lam, did an excellent job and were very thorough with my complex worker’s compensation case. Scott and Sheryl worked tirelessly on my behalf to get a handsome settlement in comparison to my previous attorneys. Their staff was very communicative throughout the process and updated me whenever it was necessary. I was able to attain my doctors visits and medications that were necessary due to my condition. This worker’s compensation case was a culminant effort on behalf of Scott, Sheryl, and the staff. I highly recommend them. The office speaks English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

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Tuan, A Workers Compensation Client
Diligence and Professionalism

I submitted an online inquiry to Silberman and Lam around 6pm on a Friday evening. I was shocked to receive a return call from Sheryl within minutes !!! It was this same level of diligence, professionalism and deep customer care that I was greeted with throughout their handling of my WC Case. Though I was constantly moving, they patiently accommodated me with telephone and online communications and I was kept updated every step of the way. At the end of a fairly lengthy process, Silberman succeeded in winning me a handsome settlement though medical practitioners and others swore that I didn’t have a case or a chance of winning due to the type or class of injury !!!

I would highly recommend the Silberman Lam team for all WC claims !!!! They are winners who truly fight for you !!! Thanks team Silberman Lam for all your hard work and dedication !!!!!!

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Michele, A Workers Compensation Client
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What Benefits Can Workers’ Compensation Provide?

There are five main categories of benefits that the typical workers’ compensation policy can provide for injured or ill employees in Orange County. First and foremost, workers who get hurt on the job in California are entitled to compensation for all relevant and reasonable medical expenses necessitated by their condition, including the costs of supplemental treatment like physical therapy and prescription medications.

Additionally, workers whose condition prevents them from working for a short period of time may be eligible for temporary disability benefits, which generally equate to two-thirds of the filing worker’s average weekly working income up to a prescribed maximum. These temporary benefits can be paid out for up to 104 weeks over five years in most situations and for up to 240 weeks for especially severe injuries and illnesses. Likewise, permanent disability benefits and life pension payments may be available if a worker’s injury or illness permanently hinders their ability to hold gainful employment.

If a workplace injury or illness leaves an employee unable to ever return to their old job, workers’ comp may provide them with a $6,000 Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit to help them obtain new education and/or work training. Finally, if an employee passes away directly because of a workplace accident or illness, their surviving spouse and/or dependents can seek death benefits through their family member’s workers’ comp policy. An Orange County attorney could provide further clarification during a private consultation about what benefits a particular worker’s circumstances might entitle them to receive.

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