Injured Worker v. International Filing Co.

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: November 1st, 2019
Outcome: 100% award

In this case the applicant had gone through 14 years of treatment for various injuries she suffered over years of working for International Filing Company. Being the third law firm on the case, Silberman & Lam, prepared the file to take to trial. At trial the defense tried to argue that over the years they were not served with various vocational expert reports. However, Silberman and Lam provided the court the evidence that despite their claims, the defense did have those reports in their possession. After two days of trial and a failed appeal by the defense, the courts held that the applicant was 100% disabled and entitled to future medical treatment for the rest of her life.

The value of the permanent disability award after trial well exceeded with the defense was offering for the entire case, including settling medical care, before trial.