Injured Worker v. Neop Machine Works Inc.

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: June 24th, 2019
Outcome: Settlement for $750K

After almost 20 years of litigation, this case was closed by Compromise and Release for approximately $750K. The applicant who was 76 at the time of settlement was patient and persistent in pursuing his claim and getting the treatment he needed. While the California Insurance Guarantee Association tried to do all they can to deny treatment, and cut off benefits to the applicant, they eventually were willing to send their negotiators to the table to resolve this case when the realized that neither the injured worker or Silberman and Lam were going to cower to their tactics. The applicant has suffered orthopedic injuries when in a car accident for which benefits were provided for nearly 20 years before a final settlement was reached. In addition to the final settlement figure, they had paid medical and indemnity benefits for Mr. Mandagar of over $1.3 Million.