Injured Worker v. Autobody by Caldwell/SIBTF

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: June 7th, 2022
Outcome: 100% award against SIBTF

The injured worker suffered multiple work-related injuries on a cumulative trauma basis while working for Autobody by Caldwell to his back, psych, internal, upper extremities, shoulder, and wrist.   His case was resolved in 2018 by compromise and release for $115,000.  The applicant pursued a case with Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust Fund for pre-existing conditions, including hypertension, kidney stones, carpal tunnel, gastritis, fatty liver, hemorrhoids, and headaches.   We obtained an award for 100% from the Subsequent Injury Benefit Trust fund, which entitled him to $455,812.30 in back money and $1103.51 per week plus a cost of living increase for the rest of his life.