Injured Worker v. Chanel, Inc/SIBTF

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: August 24th, 2022
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability

The injured worker worked for Chanel, Inc as a Sales associate. She suffered an injury on 2/22/11, which resulted in injuries to her neck and psyche. The case settled with a Compromise and Release for approximately $184,000, with future medical left open. The applicant then pursued a SIBTF case for pre-existing disability to her low back, GERD, headaches, sinusitis, bronchitis, dermatitis, upper digestive tract, pituitary adenoma and hemorrhoids. She received an award for 100% from SIBTF. Based on this, she received $347,260 in retroactive benefits and is receiving $1528.37 plus a cost of living increase each year. There are some offsets for her workers’ compensation award and SSDI.