Injured Worker v. Department of Insurance, Fraud Division/SIBTF

Practice Area: SIBTFWorkers Compensation
Date: October 19th, 2022
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability

The injured worker suffered a cumulative trauma injury from 11/05/05-08/28/17 while working as a fraud investigator for the department of insurance  for hypertension, GERD and IBS which settled by compromise and release for $252,500 on June 24, 2020.  After settlement of the workers compensation claim, an SIBTF claim was filed by Silberman & Lam, LLP.  The applicant had pre-existing conditions including back and right knee.   After some prolonged litigation an agreement was reached with SIBTF for an award at 100% disability.  The applicant was entitled to back benefits of $103,192.67 and ongoing benefits of $1426.03 per week increasing each year with a COLA for life less some offsets for permanent disability.