Injured Worker v. Executive Event Service, SIBTF

Practice Area: SIBTFWorkers Compensation
Date: October 24th, 2023
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $780,000)

The injured worker was attacked by crowd at work during US Open in Huntington Beach and suffered injuries on his back, lower bilateral extremities, head, and urology which resulted in settlement by compromise and release for $315,000.00 on 8/8/2013. An SIBTF claim was filed by Silberman & Lam, LLP after the workers compensation settlement. The applicant had pre-existing conditions including chronic constipation, encopresis, facial scarring, psych and chronic sleep problems. After extensive discovery and litigation, Silberman & Lam, LLP was able to secure an award for 100% disability from SIBTF.  The applicant was entitled to back benefits of $63,164.18 and ongoing benefits of $319.81 per week increasing each year with a COLA. Based on an average life expectancy, this award has an estimated present value of over $780,000.00.