Injured Worker v. Heraeus Metals/SIBTF

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: May 5th, 2022
Outcome: 100% award against SIBTF

The applicant suffered an industrial injury in 2010 that resulted in an award against the employer for 65% for injuries to his back, knee, and spine, which was issued in 2015.  Prior to his industrial injury, he had disabilities that affected numerous body parts, including HIV, Hypertension, Menier’s Disease, and Peripheral vascular disease.  After 7 years of gathering information, attending examinations, and going to a vocational expert, we were able to obtain a 100% award for the injured worker.  This entitled him to back money of over $480,000 and ongoing payments of $1429.95 per week for life, which will increase each year for Cost of Living Increases.