Injured Worker v. Norcal Beverage, SIBTF

Practice Area: SIBTFWorkers Compensation
Date: October 12th, 2023
Outcome: SIBTF award for 100% disability (Estimated value in excess of $1,000,000)

The injured worker suffered cumulative trauma injury ending in 2013 while working as a fork lift driver affecting his back, neck, and shoulders, which settled stipulations to 29% permanent disability in 2021. After his workers compensation claim settlement, an SIBTF claim was filed by Silberman & Lam, LLP. The applicant had prior disability including diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, LLE sensory neuropathy, RLE sensory neuropathy, erectile disfunction, LLE PVD, RLE PVD, hypertension, eczema, dysphagia, morbid obesity, low testosterone, BPH, right ankle, and left 2nd toe amputation. Through careful litigation, Silberman & Lam LLP obtained an award for 100% disability against SIBTF. The applicant was entitled to back benefits of $83,242.18 and an ongoing benefit of $485.08 per week increasing each year with COLA. Based on the average life expectancy, the award has an estimated value over $1,000,000.