Injured Worker v. State of California/SIBTF

Practice Area: Workers Compensation
Date: June 23rd, 2022
Outcome: 100% award against SIBTF

The injured workers suffered injuries while working for the State of California, Department of State Hospitals at Atascadero. Because of his employment, he settled his case by Compromise and Release for $200,000. The injured worker was represented on his underlying workers’ compensation case with a Workers’ Compensation Law Office that does not handle SIBTF cases, so after the case concluded, he came to Silberman & Lam, LLP for the SIBTF case. After 3 years of litigation, the injured workers received a 100% award against SIBTF. He received back pay of $139,880.54 and will receive $516.43 a week for the rest of his life with a cost of living increase.