Christine Taheran, MSN, FNP-BC, esq.

Attorney Christine Taheran has a background of being a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years prior to entering the field of law. This background is a great asset to our firm and our clients, especially in the current environment of Utilization Review denials and independent medical review, both of which have become a hindrance to injured workers in California in obtaining their needed care.

Ms. Taheran is able to use her nursing knowledge and legal expertise to both ensure that our clients are receiving the appropriate treatment and that Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review have all of the information that they need so that our clients have the maximum chance of approval for their treatment. In addition, her skills are a great asset in giving her an upper hand in deciphering medical reports, cross examining doctors and defending our clients at their depositions.

Attorney Taheran also keeps her Nurse Practitioner license as well as her DEA and Furnishing licenses current in order to make sure that she is up to date in the ever-changing medical field.