Heart Attack Workers’ Compensation Claims in San Diego

Workers’ compensation benefits aim to pay for medical care and supplement a team member’s income while they recover from an on-the-job injury. Additionally, employees can pursue these benefits if their job duties worsen a pre-existing illness or condition. For instance, if an overly strenuous job resulting in someone suffering a heart attack, they might be able to pursue worker’s compensation benefits.

The process for doing this can be daunting, especially if the claim involves a pre-existing condition. However, a lawyer experienced with heart attack workers’ compensation claims in San Diego could help you navigate this process and recover the monetary damages you deserve.

State Laws, Heart Attacks, and Preexisting Conditions

State laws consider an illness or injury to be work-related if the team member’s duties contributed or exacerbated a preexisting condition. If an employee suffers a heart attack on the job, the work duties in question do not have to be the only thing that caused the injury. However, compensation might be limited depending on how much the job contributed to the employee’s heart attack. If needed, a knowledgeable San Diego lawyer could help prove that the heart attack in question was undoubtedly caused by a work accident or unreasonable job duties.

What Expenses Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

After a heart attack, worker’s compensation coverage will usually reimburse for hospital bills, lost wages, and short or long-term disability. Each employee collects an award fit for their circumstances, and a tenacious legal representative could help workers fight for the full amount of benefits they deserve.

Modification of Job Duties after a Heart Attack

Unfortunately, after suffering a heart attack, a team member might be unable to return to work or perform their job duties as they once did. Thankfully, California Labor Code §10116.9 establishes that if there is an available position, an employer can assign an injured employee to a modified or alternative job opening – something that might be a better fit for them.

If a business does not have other positions to offer to a heart attack survivor victim California Workers’ Compensation Preview Executive Order D-48-85, permits the state to  look for alternative employment opportunities. It might be disheartening for a worker to realize that they might never be able to return to their job in the same capacity, but they should remember that a compassionate San Diego lawyer could help them take advantage of the worker’s compensation system and look for employment options that account for the impact of a heart attack on one’s life.

Contact an Attorney about Heart Attack Worker’s Compensation Claims in San Diego

If you suffered a heart attack after your job duties exacerbated a preexisting condition, you could be eligible to collect workers’ compensation. Filing for benefits is complex, especially when it involves special circumstances and proving your injuries.

Heart attack worker’s compensation claims in San Diego deserve the attention of a dedicated lawyer. Our diverse team could work hard to protect your rights and boost the chances of a positive case outcome. Reach out to our paperless office today to get started on collecting benefits.