Stroke Worker’s Compensation Claims in Santa Ana

Workers’ compensation pays for medical care and offers a wage supplement for employees who suffer occupational injuries. However, part of collecting benefits involves demonstrating that an injury resulted from working conditions. This can be challenging to prove, especially with more complicated injuries. For instance, if an employee suffers a stroke, they might have trouble connecting it to their job duties.

There is increasing evidence that certain work-related variables increase stroke risk. If you work night shifts or split shifts, in extreme temperatures, or if your job is stressful, your stroke could be an occupational injury. An attorney who handles stroke workers’ compensation claims in Santa Ana could present the evidence to support a stroke victim’s case for benefits. Our worker’s comp attorneys could protect your rights at all stages of your case.

Association Between Working Conditions and Stroke

There is medical evidence linking strokes to a variety of work-related variables. For example, a recent article in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke, links long working hours over a period of ten years to an increased likelihood of stroke. Other studies have concluded that work-related stress also increases the likelihood of stroke.

It is usually impossible to conclude exactly why someone had a stroke. However, a skilled attorney could present evidence that the worker labored in conditions that increased their chances of having a stroke. According to the medical evidence, a stroke could be an occupational injury if the worker:

  • Experienced significant job-related stress
  • Regularly worked long hours or overtime for an extended period
  • Frequently worked the night or overnight shifts or worked split shifts
  • Engaged in heavy physical labor in extreme temperatures
  • Had a high strain job, defined as one with high demands but low control, such as laborers and service industry workers

If an insurer denies a stroke was work-related, a Santa Ana attorney who understands these claims could request a hearing before the local Workers’ Compensation Board. They could present evidence from clinical studies, physician reports, and descriptions of working conditions to argue that a stroke resulted from the individual’s work.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Stroke Victims

When the Workers’ Compensation program accepts that a stroke is an occupational injury, an employee receives medical care and rehabilitation services provided by the workers compensation insurance carrier for their employer. Treatment could include surgery, if necessary, and medications to limit the risk of subsequent strokes.

A stroke could prevent a worker from resuming their former employment or limit their job responsibilities going forward. The employee could be entitled to temporary and permanent disability payments, the amount of permanent disability being dependant on the degree of impairment they suffered and how fully they were able to recover.

Sometimes, effects of a stroke might worsen a previous condition or make one harder to manage, affecting an individual’s ability to work. In such cases, a Santa Ana attorney might investigate whether the stroke victim could seek benefits from the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund, which supports people whose cumulative injuries render them unable to work.

Pursue Stroke Workers’ Compensation Claims in Santa Ana with a Skilled Attorney

If you suffered a stroke, there may be reason to believe that your working conditions were a contributory factor, as certain working conditions are associated with a higher risk of stroke.

However, your employer’s insurer might try to deny you benefits. An attorney could help pursue justice. Call today to discuss stroke workers’ compensation claims in Santa Ana with a knowledgeable lawyer.