Tulare County Firefighter Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Firefighters are subject to some of the most dangerous work conditions, ranging from smoke inhalation to explosions. When you are hurt on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and a trusted Tulare County firefighter workers’ compensation lawyer could help. Employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to reimburse the cost of medical care and lost income when you are unable to work for an extended period.

When you are considering filing a claim for benefits, talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at Silberman & Lam about your options. At our firm, our legal professionals could file a claim on your behalf and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Work Accidents for Firefighters

Working as a firefighter is dangerous as they not only put out fires but also respond to emergency situations where lives and property are at risk. Due to the nature of this job, it is common for firefighters to sustain job-related injuries. Injuries among firefighters are often caused by:

  • Overexertion
  • Falls and slips
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Inflicted violence
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Fires and extreme temperatures
  • Impact with objects or equipment
  • Motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents

When a person has experienced an injury or illness related to their job as a Tulare County firefighter, they could be entitled to workers’ compensation, and it is crucial they talk to a lawyer to understand their options.

Work-Related Injuries for Firefighters

Firefighters may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits when their injury or illness is job-related, and a lawyer could help them understand everything they could be entitled to receive. Common work-related injuries range from sprains and strains to respiratory distress.

In addition to injuries from accidents, it is not uncommon for firefighters to develop medical conditions related to their duties. For example, cancer, meningitis, and various heart conditions can be caused by exposure to smoke and other risks of working as a firefighter. Although it might be presumed that if a firefighter develops lung cancer, it is work-related, it could be complicated to prove it. Our Tulare County workers’ compensation lawyers have years of experience working with firefighters on these claims and could help prove a person is entitled to coverage.

Death Benefits for Families of Firefighters

When a firefighter dies from job-related duties, their spouse and children may recover death benefits, which could include health insurance, medical expenses, and lost income. In addition, up to $10,000 in funeral expenses may be covered.

The exact amount available to families of deceased firefighters will vary greatly depending on the cause of their death and other varying factors that a Tulare County workers’ compensation attorney could explain in more depth. Death benefits must be filed within one year from the date of the fatal accident, and our understanding legal professionals could help with every step of this process.

Hire a Tulare County Firefighter Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you sustain injuries in a work-related accident as a firefighter, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Likewise, when you are the surviving loved one of a firefighter, you have options. A Tulare County firefighter workers’ compensation lawyer could assist you by pursuing a claim on your behalf.

At Silberman & Lam, we have years of experience helping those on the front lines recover the benefits they deserve. When you put your life at risk to protect the public as a firefighter, you deserve adequate compensation. To discuss filing a claim for benefits, contact our office for an initial consultation with a compassionate attorney today.