Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Tulare County Workers’ Compensation Claim

State law requires workers to report a work-related injury or illness to their employer within a certain timeframe. Delays in reporting your claim could impact your eligibility for benefits and prolong the processing of your claim.

When you are injured at work, make sure to notify your employer right away and contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney for assistance. It is crucial to follow the right procedure to receive benefits. Easy mistakes could halt the claims process or impact your outcome. A diligent legal professional could help you understand the mistakes to avoid when making a Tulare County workers’ compensation claim.

Delayed Reporting and Medical Treatment

A worker’s failure to promptly report a work-related injury or illness to their employer could result in delays and denials of benefits. After a workplace accident, report it to an employer as soon as possible to avoid any dispute regarding the timeline or cause of the injury.

Likewise, it could hurt a worker’s chances of receiving workers’ comp benefits if they delay or avoid seeking medical treatment. After a work injury, see a healthcare professional, even for seemingly minor injuries. They could make sure to document the injury or illness and establish a connection to your work.

Insufficient Evidence

When injured employees submit insufficient documentation for benefits, it could hurt their claims. When filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in Tulare County, be sure to avoid that mistake and provide accurate and detailed information about what happened. This information could include the date, time, location, eyewitnesses, and a description of the injury. Keep any medical records, bills, or communication related to the claim.

Missing Deadlines

Failure to meet deadlines could also affect a claim. State law sets forth time limitations for reporting work-related injuries and filing claims. After an injury, investigate these deadlines and adhere to them.

Reporting the Injury as Work Related

Another common mistake Tulare County employees make when filing for workers’ compensation is not informing their doctor that the injury, illness, or condition was caused by their work. Having a document stating that the injury is work-related at medical appointments could help to establish the connection between the condition and the job. Additionally, when making statements, both written and verbal, try to be as consistent as possible. When injured workers are inconsistent about the details of their claim, it could raise doubts.

Failing to Comply With Treatment

When injured workers fail to follow their prescribed treatment plan, it may suggest to the insurance company that their injury is not severe. It is imperative that an injured worker follows the recommendations a healthcare provider gives out and attends all medical appointments.

Failure To Secure Legal Representation

Workers’ compensation laws in the state could be complicated to navigate without the assistance of a skilled legal professional. Insurance companies may try to minimize an employee’s benefits, but hiring an attorney who is familiar with the laws and requirements for filing a claim could help an injured worker succeed.

Failure to Appeal

Many workers think that when their claim is denied, they are without any options. However, this is a common mistake to avoid, and in some cases, it may be appropriate to appeal the claim decision. The driven attorneys at Silberman & Lam have successfully resolved many workers’ compensation claims through the appeals process. Failing to appeal when there is a legitimate claim could forfeit the benefits an injured worker deserves.

Contact a Tulare County Attorney To Help Avoid Mistakes When Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Every workers’ compensation claim has unique circumstances. It is in your best interest to consult a well-practiced lawyer to make sure you understand the mistakes to avoid when making a Tulare County workers’ compensation claim.

The skilled legal professionals at Silberman & Lam could help you understand your options. Contact our office to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.