How to Apply for Workers’ Compensation in Van Nuys

Employers in the state are obligated to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their staff for injuries that happen on the job. Filing a timely claim is a crucial step in the process. Injured employees could be proactive by learning about how to apply for workers’ compensation in Van Nuys and asking a skilled workers’ compensation attorney for assistance with a claim.

A trained legal professional at Silberman & Lam could help you understand the process for obtaining benefits and could handle any necessary negotiations. They could also help you appeal the claim if it is denied.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers who sustain an injury or illness at their job could receive benefits under the California’s Workers’ Compensation laws. Any eligible employees are entitled to the cost of their medical treatment and lost income during their recovery.

The workers’ compensation process varies depending on the injury and whether it causes a temporary or permanent disability. Moreover, sometimes an employer or their insurance will dispute the claim. When a work injury or illness occurs in Van Nuys, it is crucial to understand how to start the workers’ compensation application process, and the employee should take the following steps:

Medical Attention

After an injury at work occurs, get medical attention. The employee should seek care whether it is due to an accident, illness related to the occupation, or an injury due to repetitive stress. Medical bills will support the claim.


After the injury, the worker should notify their employer. In the state, work injuries are supposed to be reported within 30 days. The company should provide a Form DWC-1, which the employee must fill out. A workers’ compensation attorney could assist with the paperwork for the claims process as they are experienced in handling these cases.

Designate a Medical Provider

Many workers’ compensation insurance policies only cover care within their network. As such, the injured worker should determine if their preferred provider is within their employer’s plan. If the worker’s doctor is not covered, they must seek treatment from a provider within their employer’s medical provider network in most cases.

Await a Decision on a Claim

The claim adjustor will review the claim to determine if the injury is work-related and calculate benefits. If the claim is accepted, the worker’s medical bills will continue to be covered. When benefits are denied, the employee could appeal the claim with the help of an attorney from our firm.

Understanding Eligibility for Benefits

The insurance company will determine whether the worker is entitled to temporary disability and/or permanent disability benefits based on their doctor’s recommendations. Temporary disability benefits cover two-thirds of the employee’s wages up to the statutory maximum for a period of time and are assessed based on the recovery process. For temporary disability, the insurance company might pay at the wrong rate, which is why a lawyer’s assistance could be instrumental. Meanwhile, permanent benefits are available if the Injury causes permanent residuals to the injured worker.

A compassionate Van Nuys attorney could help an injured person understand every step of the workers’ compensation application process from start to finish. Navigating the legal process without the assistance of a well-practiced lawyer could be difficult as they are familiar with the necessary paperwork and applicable deadlines.

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When you are injured at work, consider asking a workers’ compensation attorney for help regarding how to apply for workers’ compensation Van Nuys. Our team of legal professionals have years of experience handling all types of workers’ compensation claims for injured employees throughout the state.

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