Victorville Workers’ Compensation Denials Lawyer

If you have never had to file a workers’ compensation claim, you might believe the process is fairly straightforward and you only need to tell the insurance company that you were hurt on the job to get the benefits that state law entitles you to receive. In reality, it is not uncommon for workers’ comp insurance providers to disagree with an injured worker about how bad their injuries are, how long they cannot work because of their injury, or even whether they got hurt while working.

When your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, or you have not received the benefits you believe you need, you should consider contacting a Victorville workers’ compensation denials lawyer for help. You may have numerous options for correcting the problems with your benefits application, and guidance from a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney could be crucial to making the most of those options.

Common Reasons for Workers’ Comp Claim Denials

In many situations, the rationale behind a workers’ compensation denial for a claim filed in Victorville is purely procedural. Someone who waits more than 30 days to notify their employer that they were hurt on the job or who fails to fill out a workers’ comp claim form quickly after receiving the form from their employer may have their claim rejected when they do get around to filing it, simply because they failed to follow the rules for the claims process.

Alternatively, a workers’ comp insurance provider may feel that an injured worker has not provided enough evidence along with their claim to prove that their injury was directly work-related, was not a pre-existing condition, or is not severe enough to prevent them from returning to work. Sometimes, insurance companies will even disagree with the doctors treating their injuries, in which case it can be more important than ever to have help from a Victorville workers’ compensation denials attorney in addressing the problem and contesting the insurance company’s position.

How To Resolve a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

Sometimes, getting past an initial workers’ comp claim rejection is as simple as providing additional evidence to support the claim or correcting a minor typographical error or omission. Often, the insurance company will still refuse to provide some or all the benefits a person is requesting even after the injured worker has given them every bit of information they have, in which case the only solution may be to request a trial before a workers’ compensation judge.

If the judge also rules against an injured worker, there are additional steps they can take to formally appeal that decision, a process that may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to conclude. Throughout each stage, guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation denials lawyer in Victorville could help streamline the process and give you better chances of obtaining the positive outcome you want.

Speak With a Victorville Workers’ Compensation Denials Attorney Today

Learning that your workers’ compensation claim has been rejected can be a uniquely unsettling experience, especially if it goes against what you, your doctors, and your employer believe about your injury. Fortunately, this kind of denial is not the end of the process, and you often can fight against it with help from qualified legal counsel at Silberman & Lam.

A conversation with a Victorville workers’ compensation denials lawyer could answer pressing questions and give you confidence about how to enforce your rights effectively. Call today to set up a meeting.