Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Victorville

Even if a workers’ compensation claim in California cannot be resolved privately and proceeds to a courtroom, the result of that claim may still result in a settlement agreement between the injured worker and the insurance company providing their workers’ comp benefits. However, the financial value of a fair settlement can change drastically from case to case, as well as the process by which a settlement agreement is reached and how settlement funds are paid out.

When you have general questions about workers’ compensation settlements in Victorville or specific questions about how to settle your claim proactively, a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney from Silberman & Lam could provide the answers you need during a private consultation.

What Types of Workers’ Comp Settlements Are Available?

Most of the time, workers’ comp claims in Victorville and throughout California will end with the injured person negotiating a settlement with a claims adjuster working for their workers’ comp insurance provider or with a claims administrator filling the same purpose but working for a third-party company. If the adjuster/administrator and the injured worker cannot agree on a fair settlement amount, the case can be advanced to an Administrative Law Judge for review, who can issue an order declaring what percentage of disability an injured workers has and whether they are entitled to future medical care.

In both scenarios, a person seeking a workers’ comp claim in Victorville can reach two types of settlements: Stipulations with a Request for Award or Compromise & Release. The former is an agreement for the insurer to continue providing weekly disability payments and cover medical expenses for the injured worker for a specified amount of time or up to a specified maximum amount of compensation, while the latter entails the insurer paying a single lump-sum settlement to account for the short-term and long-term benefits they will need for their injury.

Average Values for Workers’ Comp Settlements

A settlement is usually not predictable in workers compensation after an injury occurs. The money you may receive does not just include a final settlement but also may include temporary disability and a voucher for retraining. How long it takes you to heal will dictate how long and how much money you receive in temporary disability. The results from your treatment will dictate how much permanent disability you receive. Our goal is to maximize your recovery at the same time getting you the best medical treatment you can get.

Get Help From a Victorville Attorney With a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Settlement is the standard way for a workers’ comp claim in California to end, but that does not mean going through the settlement process is likely accessible. Going into it without a clear idea of what benefits you need and what evidence you will need to convince an insurance company to pay you what you need can be extremely challenging without guidance from experienced legal representation.

Fortunately, a dedicated lawyer from Silberman & Lam could help you achieve success with workers’ compensation settlements in Victorville. Call our firm today to learn more about your available options.