Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Visalia

Following a work-related injury, you may be worried about temporarily or permanently losing your paycheck. On top of these lost wages, what about your mounting medical bills? What about your family? Fortunately, the state mandates an extensive insurance program known as workers’ compensation. You are likely covered already if you work full-time or part-time for a California employer.

You may be entitled to these benefits if you were hurt or fell ill because of your work. Even in cases of heart attacks or strokes on the job, you could collect benefits for the percentage of harm caused by your occupation. After an injury, it is essential to get medical help right away. Once you have been treated, call our firm to discuss your legal options with a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer. Do not delay; legal counsel could help you access your workers’ compensation benefits in Visalia today.

Injured Workers’ Benefits

California’s workers’ compensation insurance is much more extensive than just sending an employee to the doctor or hospital after an accident. No proof of fault is needed. If the harm is attributable to the job, at least in part, the benefits available may cover many situations. Benefits could include:

  • Medical care for physical and mental harm suffered on the job, such as breaking a bone in a fall and experiencing a breakdown from unrelenting stress
  • Temporary disability benefits pay a portion of the wages lost when the employee cannot work for a short period but is expected to fully recover and return to work
  • Permanent disability benefits are paid when an employee has been injured too badly to return to work
  • The opportunity for permanently disabled workers to train for new jobs using supplemental job displacement vouchers
  • Lump sums from the state may be available to employees issued supplemental job displacement vouchers
  • Death benefits paid to the families of workers who do not survive their injuries

Unfortunately, not only is applying for these benefits complicated, but there are time constraints attached. For instance, an injured worker is supposed inform a supervisor about the accident within 30 days, but even if this did not happen, we still may be able to make a claim. A Visalia workers’ compensation attorney could alert an injured employee of these constraints and work tirelessly to secure benefits in time.

Temporary Disability

A physician may suggest temporary disability for workers that cannot perform their jobs for more than three days after the accident.

Temporary disability is considered ‘total’ if the worker cannot perform any job while recovering, and ‘partial’ if the employer offers the employee a less strenuous job they could perform while recovering. This job often pays less than the one prior.

Temporary benefits typically cover two-thirds of a worker’s pre-tax wages, although California sets a floor and ceiling to the amount that may be paid. Employees will not have to pay taxes, union dues, or retirement account contributions. If someone has further questions about temporary benefits, they should speak to a knowledgeable worker’s compensation attorney in Visalia.

Permanent Disability

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation DWC) assigns qualified medical examiners (QMEs) to evaluate people applying for benefits. The QME can review the notes and plan generated by the employee’s treating physician.. The QME becomes involved if the employee and the administrator disagree on benefits eligibility.

Permanent disability ranges from 0 to 100 percent. This percentage matches the injured employee’s ability to compete for jobs also based on the employee’s age and occupation. The QME assigns an ‘impairment rating’ using the American Medical Association Guide for assessing disability. A workers’ compensation attorney familiar with how the workers’ compensation system operates could explain what benefits an injured employee in Visalia might be eligible to receive.

Speak To an Attorney About Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Visalia

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. If they occur at work, California requires your employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance on you at no charge. From medical treatment to wage replacement, you may receive several benefits if you are out of work temporarily or permanently following a job-related mishap.

Knowing which benefits are available and meeting all filing deadlines and submission requirements can be daunting. Thankfully, our skilled and multi-lingual legal team will be sure to explain every step of the process to get you workers’ compensation benefits in Visalia. Call our firm today to schedule a meeting.