Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Visalia

If you are harmed or fall ill while on the job, you will need conclusive medical proof that your work caused or exacerbated your injury. Without a medical diagnosis or treatment plan, your California workers’ compensation claim may be denied. Additionally, whether your doctor believes you are temporarily or permanently disabled will play a large role in determining your benefits.

After an injury on the job, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. In writing, you must also notify your employer that you have been injured or have received a work-related diagnosis—for example, lung disease or damage caused by working with toxic substances. Contact our firm if you have received medical treatment after a workplace injury in Visalia and are ready to pursue legal action. Our skilled and experienced lawyers are here to guide you through the complex workers’ compensation process today. Call to schedule a private consultation.

Examples of Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Not all injuries sustained at work are sudden. Because many job-related injuries build over time, this makes it especially hard to pinpoint the cause. Injuries of this nature are the ones that may give a hurt worker trouble when applying for benefits and are referred to as cumulative trauma injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to cover less obvious injuries such as:

  • Heart attacks and strokes that occur at work, but come with a pre-existing condition that contributed to the event
  • Mental health events caused by a stressful or hostile work environment
  • An injury that builds over time, such as from repetitive movements on an assembly line or from typing all day
  • Inhaling toxic fibers or fumes over time, such as working around asbestos

California’s workers’ benefits cover pre-existing conditions so long as work exposure has caused the pre-existing conditions to become worse. Liability for an injury or illness is apportioned between what occurred off the job, the pre-existing condition, and what occurred on the job. Benefits are also apportioned to reflect the percentage the job might have contributed to the injury or illness. After seeking medical treatment, someone who has sustained a workplace injury should contact a Visalia workers compensation attorney. They could advise an injured party of their legal options and help them determine the optimal course of action.

The Importance of the Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

The employer or insurance carrier hires adjusters who review injured employees’ claims. These adjusters will grant or deny benefits depending on several factors. For example, they may deny a claim if it is incomplete, or if they disagree with the treating physician’s opinion as to whether the injury is work-related. A savvy workers’ compensation attorney in Visalia could represent an employee whose treatment records following an injury have been questioned.

Qualified Medical Evaluator

If the adjuster denies a claim over a medical dispute, there is another avenue to settle this. The injured worker or the adjuster, can request that a qualified medical evaluator (QME) review the treating physician’s diagnosis and plan.

Employees can choose from specialists connected in the field that treats what ails them, such as cardiologists if an employee has a heart attack. The QME examines the patient and studies the original treating physicians’ notes before giving an opinion about a workplace injury. Acquiring the opinion of a QME could be part of the medical treatment after a workplace injury in Visalia.

Discuss Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Visalia with an Attorney

California has a generous insurance system that guarantees benefits if a workplace injury or illness harms an employee. A key element to success after filing a claim is the medical care and treatment plan your doctor recommends. If the DWC administrator is not satisfied with the plan, your claim may be denied.

This is what makes it vital to seek immediate medical treatment after a workplace injury in Visalia. Once you have been evaluated, our firm is here to help you with your case. Our experienced lawyers could help ensure that your claim is filed correctly, and that you do not hit any procedural roadblocks during this process. Call today to schedule a consultation.