Torrance Workplace Back Injury Lawyer

Injuries can happen in any workplace, not just in an industrial setting. Objects can fall on an unsuspecting worker, and a worker in motion or standing in a particular position can sustain an injury. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney from Silberman & Lam could investigate the facts surrounding your case to help you understand your available options for pursuing compensation.

Back injuries can come from any of these sources at work, especially if you move heavy weights or must sit in one position for many hours. When you have sustained a back injury at work in California and want to make a workers’ compensation claim, a Torrance workplace back injury lawyer could help you file a claim and get your benefits.

Back Injuries Sustained in the Workplace

A back injury can range from a minor muscle strain to severe nerve damage. A slipped disc or an impact to the spinal cord can drastically reduce mobility and produce high levels of pain. No matter the type, a back injury can reduce a worker’s ability to contribute at work and lead to long-term issues if undertreated.

The causes of back injuries in the workplace can vary. Picking up and carrying heavy loads can cause muscle injuries and place stress on the vertebrae, but sitting or standing for long periods can also require back exertion. A serious accident, such as a slip and fall, heavy loads landing on a worker, or even a vehicle impact in the course of employment, can cause back injuries.

Back injuries require medical attention, and an injured worker should document that treatment at every step. A Torrance lawyer could use that documentation to show how much a worker should receive from a workers’ compensation claim for a back injury. Documenting how the injury occurred is crucial. An injured worker or their attorney should talk to witnesses and get applicable surveillance footage from the employer.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Workers’ compensation claims should function like insurance claims. A worker injured in the workplace has a right to compensation in exchange for not suing an employer in civil court. A worker makes a claim without accusing anyone of causing the injury. They get their medical costs covered and compensation for permanent disability, temporary disability, pain and suffering, and longer-term care.

Starting the Claims Process

Workers can sometimes experience denial of their claim or limitation of compensation. After a worker submits paperwork to the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), an adjuster looks into the injury to verify the claim and calculate compensation in accordance with the workers’ compensation provisions of the California Labor Code. In doing so, the adjuster speaks with the worker, their colleagues, and their employer to determine what happened, and they review documentation of the injury and medical care.

During this process, an employer or their insurer might try to minimize or deny the injury by questioning the location (did this injury happen at work or somewhere else?), the severity (how bad does this person’s back really hurt?), or the level of treatment needed (does this injury really require physical therapy for this long, or for less time?).

Documenting the Injury

For less-obvious back injuries, like stress injuries or muscle strains, a worker may need more documentation and strong representation to avoid denial or limitation of their claim. An attorney familiar with Torrance employers, medical facilities, and adjusters could provide critical assistance by collecting the proper documentation and helping file a claim. Beyond an initial claim, an understanding lawyer could also file an appeal for a worker unsatisfied with their claim. Injured workers can appeal to a state appeals board, and an attorney from our firm could engage with the appeals process to protect a worker’s rights.

Let a Torrance Lawyer Help With Your Back Injury Claim Today

The human back makes up the body’s core, enabling mobility through muscles, bones, and the spinal cord. An injury to the back can endanger that mobility and your ability to work now and in the future.

A Torrance workplace back injury lawyer could help you file a claim and bring in a talented and diverse staff to support you. Our diligent legal team at Silberman & Lam could streamline all the paperwork with a faster digital process for making your claim or appeal. Contact our firm to set up a consultation.