Torrance Workers’ Compensation Denial Lawyer

Although it can be a stressful process, applying for workers’ compensation benefits is an extremely important step after becoming seriously hurt or sick on the job. Unfortunately, it an also be deceptively difficult to receive a positive outcome from this type of claim, as there are numerous reasons why your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider can deny certain benefits or reject your claim altogether.

If you received an unfavorable decision regarding your application for workers’ compensation benefits, you should make speaking with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney one of your top priorities. An experienced Torrance workers’ compensation denial lawyer can help determine the exact reason for your claim’s denial, guide you through the process of addressing or appealing it, and tenaciously protect your rights.

Why Might an Insurer Deny a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

There are procedural and evidence-based reasons why a workers’ compensation insurance provider might deny a claim in Torrance. On the procedural side, strict deadlines are established under state law for every step of the claims process, and missing even one of these deadlines will almost always lead to a claim denial. Additionally, failing to be completely accurate or honest when initially reporting an injury or illness to an employer may end with that employer’s insurance provider refusing to accept an ensuing claim.

Alternatively, a workers’ compensation insurance provider may reject a claim because the injured party did not provide sufficient evidence demonstrating how they were injured or that their injury was directly related to their job or working conditions. In some cases, presented evidence can work to an injured person’s detriment. For example, there could be evidence indicating a person was drunk, engaging in horseplay, or deliberately trying to injure themselves when they got hurt.

Regardless of the specific reason behind a denial decision, working closely with a Torrance workers’ compensation denial attorney could be key to resolving the underlying issue(s) as quickly and effectively as possible.

Options for Contesting a Claim Denial

Sometimes, getting past a workers’ compensation claim denial only requires providing the insurance company with additional documentation that was missing from the initial application or correcting an error in the forms that were submitted for consideration. If the source of the rejection is a disagreement over the severity or existence of the party’s injuries, though, it may be necessary to go through a formal appeal.

State law imposes strict and specific regulations for exactly how to begin the workers’ compensation appeals process, how each stage of the process works, and what deadlines a person must comply with for the appeal to remain valid under the law. Support from an experienced attorney can be essential to making the most of this process following a workers’ compensation claim denial in Torrance.

Get Help from a Torrance Workers’ Compensation Denial Attorney

Being denied workers’ compensation benefits is a difficult situation for anyone to handle, especially someone who is still dealing with the impact of a serious work-related injury or illness. Fortunately, you have help available from qualified legal professionals who have years of success fighting effectively on behalf of injured workers.

A Torrance workers’ compensation denial lawyer can be an irreplaceable ally throughout your case. Call us today for a free consultation.