Torrance Falling Objects Injury Lawyer

Falling objects are a common cause of workplace injuries, especially in industrial or manufacturing settings, and workers’ compensation benefits exist to cover a person’s costs for those injuries without the need for lengthy and costly litigation.

However, workers’ compensation claims may take legal expertise beyond a typical injured worker’s capabilities. A Torrance falling objects injury lawyer could support a person through the claims process and even appeal a denied or limited claim. Contact a well-practiced workers’ compensation attorney at Silberman & Lam to understand your options.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover All Injuries?

Some injuries may not fall within workers’ compensation, such as injuries happening while an employee is an initial aggressor, misuses equipment, or works under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But outside of these exceptions, workers’ compensation usually provides benefits for falling object injuries as long as a worker properly files a claim to show their injury happened in the workplace.

A practiced Torrance lawyer could provide crucial assistance in filing a claim and in making sure that an injured worker gets the right benefits for a falling object injury. A legal professional from our firm could support a worker struggling to make a claim or to receive benefits from their employer or insurer.

How an Attorney Could Help With a Denied Claim

While workers’ compensation should cover the costs from a workplace injury, an injured employee might encounter resistance to their benefits. An employer or insurer might question if the injury occurred in the workplace, the extent of the injury, or even the level of medical treatment that is needed.

An experienced attorney could play a critical role for an employee making a claim or fighting against a denial of benefits. Collecting eyewitness statements of the falling object injury and gathering medical documentation with the help of a Torrance lawyer may strengthen a worker’s claim.

Crucial State Laws Surrounding Workers’ Compensation

California’s Labor Code contains statutory provisions governing workers’ compensation, setting specific requirements for filing claims, calculating compensation amounts, and resolving disputes.

A Torrance lawyer familiar with California’s workers’ compensation system could guide a worker injured from falling objects through the statutory process and file an appeal on their behalf. An initial claim could result in benefits that are less than ideal, such as temporary disability benefits not being covered by insurance or covered at an incorrect rate. A skilled lawyer could help provide additional support and expertise.

Contact a Torrance Attorney About Your Falling Objects Injury Today

No matter the severity of a falling object injury, you should receive workers’ compensation when the accident happened in the workplace. To make a successful claim and receive full benefits, you should hire a knowledgeable attorney from Silberman & Lam. Working with a Torrance falling objects injury lawyer could improve your chance of getting the benefits you deserve.

To make a claim within the statutory framework in the state, you should speak with our attorneys about your injury as soon as possible. Contact our firm today for an initial consultation.