Torrance Overexertion Injury Lawyer

When your boss tells you to take the rest of the day off and rest because you are experiencing back, neck, or other pain, you may need more time off than an afternoon when you are suffering from overexertion. Overexertion is pushing your body too far, pulling, lifting heavy loads, hauling, repeating motions, and twisting and stretching awkwardly.

Even sedentary jobs such as typing all day can lead to overexerting wrists and hands, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. Almost all employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover your medical care and most of the wages you lose during recovery. To discuss the procedure for applying for your benefits, contact a Torrance overexertion injury lawyer.

Overexertion Injuries in California Workplaces

Overexertion is one of the top causes of workplace injuries. Overexertion is the top reason employees miss work, costing employers billions of dollars in lost production annually.

What one employee can lift, carry, and hoist without problems can cause muscle, ligament, or tendon strains in another. Much depends on the employee’s physical condition and whether they are fatigued or dehydrated. Employers should also ensure that employees engaging in manual labor tasks are trained properly. Employees most typically at risk for repetitive overexertion injuries include:

  • Warehouse workers whose shifts are spent pushing, lifting, and carrying items to be shipped
  • Construction workers who lift, carry, and brace heavy materials in awkward spaces
  • Medical professionals who must lift and move patients
  • Manufacturing workers who often work assembly lines using repetitive motions at a quick pace to meet quotas
  • Retail workers who unload trucks, move heavy items such as furniture, and stock shelves

Employees who exert themselves physically and have symptoms such as sore muscles, clicking joints, numbness, tingling, loss of strength, swelling, pain, or sensitivity have 30 days to file an official notice that they have been hurt on the job. An overexertion injury lawyer in Torrance can handle claims, insurance negotiations, and questions that arise from the workers’ compensation claims adjustor.

Workers’ Compensation Laws

Full and part-time employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, according to California Labor Code § 3700. A claim does not assign blame, which speeds up the delivery of benefits such as medical care and temporary disability payments until the employee can return to work.

Most overexertion injuries are temporary, and few are fatal, but if one occurs that incapacitates an employee and prevents them from returning to work, permanent disability payments are available, as are retraining opportunities and lump sum payments during retraining. Death benefits are paid to the employee’s family when a death occurs because of an overexertion injury. An attorney in Torrance can determine the right benefits a person can seek after an overexertion injury.

Overexertion Claim Denials

Workers’ compensation claims adjustors must receive all pertinent information to determine if a claim is valid or should be denied. A person can appeal a denied claim through an Application for Adjudication of Claim.

A medical evaluator for the workers’ compensation system, approved by the employer, will further assess the claimant, who can then request a court hearing before a special judge. An overexertion injury attorney in Torrance should be involved to ensure claims are complete and defend a denied one.

A Torrance Overexertion Attorney Seeks Benefits for Injured Employees

You are at risk for one of the most common workplace injuries, overexertion, when you perform physical tasks routinely for your job. That popping noise, clicking bones, swelling knee, or seizing back are likely caused by overexertion. A night of rest and some aspirin may be all you need, but when your condition is more severe, you should see a doctor immediately.

You are entitled under state law to have your medical care and lost wages reimbursed if you are injured or become ill on the job. A Torrance overexertion lawyer can gather the proper evidence and oversee the process to get your benefits quickly while you concentrate on recovering. Call us now to discuss your claim.