Torrance Temporary Disability Workers’ Compensation Claims

Temporary disability workers’ compensation benefits compensate an employee for a portion of their lost wages due to a work-related injury. If an insurance company determines that the employee’s injury is outside the scope of their employment, their claim will be denied. This is why it is imperative to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to guide you through the Torrance temporary disability workers’ compensation claims process so you could have the best chance for success.

When you are hurt on the job, and are unable to work, you have a right to temporary disability benefits. Even when the injury is minor, it is worth filing a claim. Not working, even temporarily, could be a financial burden. The attorneys at Silberman & Lam are available to discuss the nuances surrounding filing a temporary disability claim and could handle any negotiations with the insurance provider on your behalf.

What Are the Requirements for Temporary Disability Benefits?

An employee in the state who is unable to perform their job due to injury or illness could collect temporary disability benefits. To qualify, a doctor must classify the worker as temporarily disabled. Many insurance companies require the employee to see a medical provider that is in their insurance network. The treating physician will make an assessment every 45 days to determine if the worker can return to their job.

A Torrance lawyer could help an injured person understand the temporary disability workers’ compensation process before they file a claim. They could help determine if the injury qualifies, calculate payments, and make sure businesses uphold their portion of the workers’ compensation agreement.

Temporary Disability Benefit Payments

Disabled workers could receive two-thirds of their average pay up to the statutory maximum. The first payment must be made within 14 days of the medical report per state law. Temporary disability benefits last as long as the employee needs them up to a maximum of 104 weeks in most cases and are based on their doctor’s recommendations as well as any possible accommodations.

When the claims adjuster disagrees with the doctor’s recommendation, or the employee disputes their status to return to work, they could challenge the decision. An injured worker who disagrees with their doctor’s recommendations could seek a qualified medical examination. Likewise, if the insurance company disputes the doctor’s assessment of an injury, they can also request a qualified medical examination. A practiced legal professional from our firm is experienced in handling this process and could assist an injured employee who needs to dispute their claim.

How Long Will Temporary Benefits Last?

Benefits will last until the employee is able to safely return to work. This timeline could vary based on the type of injury and the industry the person works in. A claim for temporary disability benefits will end when the employee returns to work, when their condition is stabilized, or when the worker exceeds the limit for their benefits. Benefits are limited in most cases to 104 weeks within five years after the injury.

Our Torrance Attorneys Could Help You With a Temporary Disability Workers’ Compensation Claim

Some workers’ compensation cases resolve without incident, but when an employer or their insurance provider disputes the claim, you may need a proactive attorney from Silberman & Lam on your side. There are a range of reasons why your claim may be denied or delayed, or that you disagree with your disability status. Our legal professionals could help you pursue a Torrance temporary disability workers’ compensation claim.

When you were injured at work, or are unable to work due to an illness, you could be entitled to temporary disability benefits. Contact our firm to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.