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Many of us have jobs that require us to perform repetitive motions. Some people might move heavy boxes from one shelf or location to another, while others need to be on their feet for hours or constantly type on a keyboard. All these motions require our bodies to perform the same steps hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day. It is not surprising that this repetitive motion places significant strain on your muscles, joints, and bones.

People who suffer injuries due to repetitive motion while performing their jobs deserve to collect benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. Sadly, many employers and insurance companies will use any excuse they can come up with to deny a claim.

When you need help submitting a compelling claim or appealing a rejected petition, a Fresno repetitive motion injury lawyer could help. Our dedicated workers’ comp attorneys are ready to represent you in this difficult time.

Common Consequences of Cumulative Trauma

Repetitive motion or cumulative trauma injuries often affect a worker’s joints. For example, arthritis, degeneration of cartilage, or early-onset osteoporosis can all be traced to the performance of repetitive motions. The most obvious consequence of repetitive motion strain is serious pain. Anyone with this type of injury might have difficulty bending over, kneeling, or walking.   There are other types of cumulative injuries as well, including psychiatric, internal, or neurological.

Advanced instances of repetitive motion damage may necessitate substantial medical care. It is not uncommon for these problems to require cortisone injections, as well as ongoing pain management and even joint replacement surgery.

These injuries can also keep a person out of work. For example, someone who has trouble walking, picking things up, or typing will likely be unable to perform their job duties. Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system can help an employee collect benefits for part of the wages they miss while off the job. A dedicated lawyer in Fresno could further explain how the workers’ compensation framework can help a plaintiff recover from the consequences of a repetitive motion injury.

Important Legal Considerations After a Repetitive Motion Injury

When a cumulative trauma or repetitive motion injury prevents a worker from performing their job duties, they are usually entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, injured workers must report their accident or condition within 30 days, according to California Labor Code § 5400, and they also should attend all their medical appointments to ensure the best possible recovery and properly establish the connection between their diagnosis and their inability to return to work.

Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to an insurance company denying a claim. A Fresno repetitive motion injury attorney is ready to take the lead in evaluating the reason for a denial and pursuing appeals on behalf of injured workers.

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Anyone who suffers an injury while doing their job has the right to seek benefits under a workers’ compensation insurance plan, even when an injury develops over time due to repetitive motion. These injuries are extremely painful, often requiring surgical treatment. However, an insurance company may deny a claim if it does not believe there is a connection between a medical condition and your inability to perform the duties of your job.

A Fresno repetitive motion injury lawyer may be able to help. Our legal team could assist workers with filing a claim for benefits or pursuing an appeal after a rejected petition. Reach out today to learn more about cumulative trauma injuries and the workers’ compensation framework.