Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Fresno

Most Californians do not spend much time thinking about injuries on the job because employers enact safety protocols and employees are generally careful to avoid danger. But sometimes, accidents do happen, and jobs such as firefighting, construction work, and law enforcement are inherently more dangerous. If an incident occurs and you must seek medical care, California law requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits to full-time and part-time workers.

These benefits provide quick payments to employees who suffer from job-related injuries or illnesses, an alternative to waiting for a judgment in an injury lawsuit against an employer. The first thing you should do if you are hurt on the job is to get medical attention. Next, report the injury to your supervisor, as required by law. Then contact our law firm to consult with a seasoned attorney who can guide you through the workers’ compensation process, including what to expect from your medical treatment after a workplace injury in Fresno.

Medical Treatment Covered by California Workers’ Compensation

Benefits are available if an employee can show that an injury or illness is related to the workplace. Many individuals endure harm obviously caused by a workplace, such as a construction worker tumbling from scaffolding while installing walls. Other situations where the medical treatment will be covered:

  • Heart attacks on the job caused by extreme exertion or stress, even if the employee has a pre-existing condition
  • Conditions that build up until the employee is harmed, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Psychological problems from demanding, high-stress work environments
  • Health problems that become worse over time, such as lung disease from handling asbestos

California has one of the most comprehensive workers’ compensation programs because it does not deny claims that other states might, such as for pre-existing conditions. Consult a Fresno attorney about a claim after seeking medical treatment for a workplace injury.

Medical Treatment Seals a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Medical treatment and a diagnosis that supports a workplace injury or illness are essential pieces of evidence an injured employee could submit when filing a workers’ compensation claim. An adjustor will deny a claim if they do not believe an injury or illness was work-related. They might also reject a case if an adjuster believes the employee’s primary physician gave too much weight to the workplace as the source of injury. Sometimes, the dispute centers around a pre-existing condition. Receiving medical care after a workplace injury helps support a Fresno compensation claim.

Additional Medical Treatment and Scrutiny

When a claims administrator denies a claim for vague medical information, an insurance company or injured employee could request that a qualified medical evaluator (QME) review an employee’s medical condition to define how much of the damage was caused by the workplace. These physicians work for the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) but are impartial. An employee chooses a QME based on the proximity to the patient and medical specialty.

Seek Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury in Fresno

Sustaining an injury on the job will disrupt your life. You are probably entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but they are not automatic. You must prove your job caused or exacerbated your illness or injury. This could be intimidating since the process involves government and insurance agencies.

Seek immediate medical care if you become sick or injured from a workplace incident, report the circumstances to your supervisor, and then call a legal representative. Our legal team consists of people who speak several languages to make you feel at ease. Call our office to discuss your situation after seeking medical treatment for a workplace injury in Fresno.