What To Do After a Workplace Accident in Fresno

Since accidents at Fresno workplaces happen periodically, state law requires most employers to maintain a workers’ compensation insurance plan that can provide benefits to injured employees—even if those employees were to blame for the incident that resulted in their injuries.

A successful workers’ compensation claim needs to adhere to the state’s guidelines and procedures, though, and if you do not follow the relevant requirements for submitting a claim, you might have trouble collecting the compensation you need to get back on your feet. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to increase the chances of your claim being approved. Our knowledgeable workers’ comp attorneys could explain what to do after a workplace accident in Fresno and help you navigate your case through the legal process.

Seeking Out Immediate Medical Care

Any time a person suffers an injury while performing their job duties, they should get medical attention immediately. This can include calling an ambulance, visiting an emergency room, or going to an urgent care clinic.

When seeking treatment, an injured person should mention to the healthcare professional treating them that they were injured in the course of them doing their job. This will signal the medical provider to mark the employee’s file as a potential workers’ comp case and keep the worker from being charged for treatment.

Obtaining swift medical care is also beneficial from a legal perspective since receiving treatment helps an injured worker connect the accident or illness to their job duties. Proving this element is an essential part of filing or appealing a workers’ compensation claim.

An injured worker in Fresno should always seek any follow-up treatment recommended by their doctor after a workplace accident. This helps them to recover physically and demonstrates that their injury is as serious as they claim.

Reporting an Injury or Accident to An Employer

While the workers’ compensation system requires insurance companies to provide payment to injured employees, these workers still need to follow certain procedural steps to obtain the benefits they deserve. For example, the notice requirement is one of the most essential parts of the workers’ compensation case process.

California Labor Code § 5400 states workers must inform their employers—in writing—of the incident that resulted in an injury or illness no more than 30 days after they discovered their condition. Failure to provide this notice on time might allow an insurance company to reject a claim. An attorney in Fresno could help a worker submit this notice in a timely manner after a workplace injury.

Contact an Attorney About What To Do After a Workplace Accident in Fresno

Workers’ compensation provides a powerful safety net for people who cannot return to their jobs due to a work-related illness or injury. This system could repay you for your medical bills and lost wages, even if the accident in question was partially your fault.

After an accident on the job, state law requires you to notify your employer in writing about your injuries. You should also seek out medical care immediately and attend all follow-up sessions with doctors and therapists. These few simple steps can help you protect both your health and your legal rights. Contact a lawyer now to learn more about what to do after a workplace accident in Fresno.