Fresno Overexertion Injury Lawyer

While it might feel like working longer or harder hours is the only way to stay on top of things at your job, this dangerous precedent can have a devastating effect on your health. A single catastrophic moment while being overworked is all it takes to cause a debilitating injury or medical condition. Similarly, repeated stress due to long periods of overwork or overexertion can cause a variety of medical conditions that adversely affect your physical health and your ability to perform your job duties.

When you were hurt due to overworking, and you need help understanding how to file a workers’ compensation claim, a Fresno overexertion injury lawyer may be able to assist you. Our experienced workers’ comp attorneys could assess your situation, offer guidance, and answer questions about the workers’ compensation claims process.

The Impact of Overexertion in the Workplace

Everyone’s job requires them to work hard, but manual laborers are most susceptible to overexertion injuries. For example, warehouse, construction, and farm workers may need to move objects weighing 100 pounds or more every day. This can strain their bones, muscles, and joints, resulting in serious injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Overexertion injuries can also affect a person’s health over time. Repeated strain can cause a variety of ailments, from heart attacks and strokes to a slow breakdown of cartilage in the knees, elbows, and back.

Finally, overexertion can also cause serious mental strain. People working in high-stress professions may find they simply cannot deal with the pressure or trauma of their job. This is especially common for first responders or healthcare workers. A Fresno attorney could provide more information about overexertion injuries and make the necessary connection between these conditions and someone’s ability to perform their job duties.

Pursuing Appeals After a Rejected Petition

Proving overexertion as the cause of a workplace injury can be difficult, especially when an employee needs to demonstrate that a disease or physical injury caused a period of stressful overexertion. In this situation, an insurance company may deny a claim because the connection between the medical diagnosis and the worker’s ability to perform their job duties was not made clear.

Even after a petition is rejected, an overexertion injury lawyer in Fresno could take the lead in pursuing an appeal. Often, anyone who receives a denial for a workers’ compensation claim can appeal the decision. An attorney is prepared to evaluate the reason for a denial, obtain additional evidence connecting a worker’s overexertion injury to their job, and communicate with the insurance adjuster about appealing the previous decision.

Reach Out to a Fresno Overexertion Injury Attorney Today

Overwork injuries can be an unfortunate consequence of doing your job. An injury from overexertion can happen in many ways, from one single incident to the gradual development of a disability or mental health condition. No matter how it may have arisen, you deserve workers’ compensation benefits if you were hurt due to unnecessary overexertion in the workplace.

A Fresno overexertion injury lawyer is here to help when you need guidance. Our legal team could examine the details surrounding your overwork injury, answer questions about filing a workers’ compensation claim, or help you appeal the decision in the result of a denial. Reach out today to get started.