Fresno Crush Injury Lawyer

A crush injury can have a devastating impact on your health, your ability to earn a living, and your capacity to support your family. Especially for people working in factories and on farms, heavy machinery has the power to break bones, separate joints, and cause severe damage to limbs.

Fortunately, when you suffer a crush injury while performing your job duties, you can likely seek benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. An insurance company might deny your claim, though, if your claim does not clearly demonstrate the accident resulted from you doing your job. When this happens, a Fresno crush injury lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated workers’ comp attorney could provide the support you need to file your claim on time or pursue an appeal after a denial.

The Impact of a Crush Injury

All compelling workers’ compensation cases revolve around the idea an employee suffered an injury that now prevents them from returning to the job. Crush injuries can certainly fall under the category of debilitating injuries.

Getting hit by a falling object, getting caught in machinery, or being involved in a vehicle crash while on the job can all result in crush injuries that affect a person’s ability to return to work. A relatively minor incident can break bones or cause severe muscular damage; while more extreme accidents can completely crush a limb or may require amputation.

Connecting a Crush Injury to Work Duties

Even though it might seem obvious that a crush injury was caused by one’s job duties, an injured worker in Fresno still needs to prove this connection with the help of a skilled attorney. This step is crucial, since an insurance company may deny a claim for benefits if it does not believe there is a connection between a crush injury and an employee’s job duties. Our legal team could help with making this vital connection and keeping a workers’ comp claim on track.

Filing an Appeal After a Workplace Crush Injury

Even when a worker assembles a compelling crush injury claim, an insurance company might deny their request for benefits. Thankfully, state law gives all employees the right to appeal these denials if they act quickly.

Appealing a crush injury claim usually revolves around one important question: whether the accident arose out of and occurred during the course of employment.

A dedicated Fresno lawyer could help with proving both these concepts and appealing a rejected crush injury claim. Our skilled legal representatives could obtain medical records, explain a person’s current condition, link the crush injury in question to an accident on the job, and negotiate with any stubborn insurance adjusters or companies.

Let a Fresno Crush Injury Attorney Protect Your Rights

Crushing injuries are surprisingly common in local workplaces. Thankfully, after most accidents, an injured worker can seek benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. If a crush injury has left you unable to work to the extent that you could before the accident, an attorney may be able to help.

A Fresno crush injury lawyer could address your concerns, investigate how the accident happened, and help you navigate your case’s legal process with minimal stress. Reach out today to learn more about your options.