Fresno Workplace Back Injury Lawyer

Back injuries are surprisingly common in the workplace. While we tend to think these injuries only affect people who perform manual labor or lift heavy objects, even people working in office jobs can endure back injuries from spending a long time on their feet or sitting in a poorly designed chair. After hurting your back at work, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim and seek the benefits you need to get back on your feet.

Even when a claim is denied, a Fresno workplace back injury lawyer could help mount an appeal. Our experienced legal team is prepared to explore the reason for the denial, investigate the accident or work conditions that led to your back injury, and file an appeal on your behalf.

Connecting a Back Injury to Your Work Duties

Whenever a person suffers direct trauma to their back, they can suffer a back injury. For example, falling to the ground, using improper technique to lift a heavy item, or getting in an accident while riding in a company vehicle can all cause back damage. Back injuries can also develop over time as a worker continually performs their job duties. For example, after lifting heavy objects for years, a worker might start to experience severe pain in their back and require medical treatment.

To seek compensation for a back injury, a Fresno worker should team up with an attorney to demonstrate their injury is the direct consequence of performing their job duties. Our dedicated attorneys could help a worker make the vital connection between their current diagnosis and time spent on the job.

Appealing a Rejected Back Injury Claim

Not all workers’ compensation or back injury claims are accepted. An insurance adjuster may deny a worker’s compensation claim related to a back injury for many reasons. For example, they may allege there is no connection between a plaintiff’s back injury and their job duties. This is especially common in cases where repeated strain over time causes a back problem.

Denials also happen when an insurance adjuster alleges horseplay caused the back injury. While workers’ compensation benefits are still an option when the accident was the plaintiff’s own fault, allegations that the incident resulted from a worker’s gross negligence can complicate a claim for benefits.

A workplace back injury lawyer in Fresno is ready to help employees fight back against allegations that could affect their claims. Our experienced legal representatives could evaluate the reason for the denial, obtain additional evidence to supplement a claim, and submit a request for a formal appeal with the relevant claims adjuster.

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Back injuries are debilitating conditions that can cause severe pain and adversely affect your ability to perform your job duties. When you can trace your back injury to your job duties, you have the right to collect compensation through a workers’ comp claim.

A Fresno workplace back injury lawyer is here to assist you in your pursuit of the benefits you deserve. Our multilingual staff is ready to listen to your story and pursue your case in the most advantageous manner. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.