Fresno Factory Workers Injury Lawyer

Injuries that occur at work, particularly in factories, often qualify for a monetary award, which is why it is crucial to file a successful workers’ compensation claim. These facilities are known for a wide range of dangerous hazards, from heavy machinery to falling objects, and exposure to dangerous materials, all of which can lead to life-altering health issues.

When you were hurt on the job, a Fresno factory workers injury lawyer could help you get the financial support you need. By filing a claim, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments, medical care and permanent disability payments. Reach out to a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney at Silberman & Lam right away for help with a claim.

Common Injuries in a Factory Setting

Factories are busy places full of large equipment, tall shelves, and heavy materials. Injuries can occur in many ways in a factory, and a Fresno attorney could pursue a workers’ compensation claim for most of them. Some common examples include the following:

Machine Accidents

Certain traumatic conditions are related to the use of heavy machinery. A common example is a crushing injury caused by a forklift or other vehicle. Additionally, some facilities rely on conveyor belts or other pieces of machinery that could cause caught in between accidents.

Slip and Falls

It is the responsibility of the company to ensure walkways are clear and floors are not slippery. Unfortunately, these issues are not always addressed. The result could be a slip and fall accident that leads to serious injuries. The outcome can be especially dangerous when a person lands on their head, neck, or back.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Not every person who is hurt in a factory is involved in a traumatic incident. Often, much of the damage occurs over time due to repetitive movements. Performing the same tasks repeatedly for weeks or months at a time can cause overuse of certain muscle groups. This can lead to numbness, tingling, or chronic pain that makes it impossible for a person to do their job. Common locations for these conditions include the elbows, hands, wrists, and shoulders.

When Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available?

Like all states, California has created a system for compensating employees when they sustain work-related illnesses or injuries. Most employers are required to purchase insurance to cover these claims, although some large businesses are allowed to pay the costs out of pocket.

Most people hurt in these settings are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. There are some limited exceptions to be aware of. For example, consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors are usually not covered. To qualify for benefits, a person must also be able to show that their condition was related to work activities. This is often an acute injury of some kind. However, an illness caused by exposure to a harmful substance could also qualify.

The important thing to understand is that securing monetary benefits is never certain. Employers and insurance companies can put up roadblocks to delay the process or deny compensation entirely. It is crucial to seek help from a Fresno attorney when a worker is injured at a factory.

Call a Fresno Attorney for Help With Your Factory Worker’s Injury Claim Today

Getting hurt at work can be difficult for anyone. While benefits should be available no matter which party was at fault, recovering this compensation is not always an easy process. A Fresno factory workers’ injury lawyer could help you navigate the claims process as you seek the maximum amount of compensation available for your sustained injuries.

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