Fresno Workplace Leg Injury Lawyer

Sustaining a leg injury at work can dramatically impact your quality of life. It can limit your mobility, which may result in lasting pain and make earning a living impossible. However, workers’ compensation benefits could provide you with the financial means to recover from your condition.

Navigating this system can be challenging without the help of a Fresno workplace leg injury lawyer. From ensuring you have met all the requirements necessary for handling rejected claims, a skilled workers’ compensation attorney from Silberman & Lam could make all the difference in the success of your case.

Common Types of Employment-Related Leg Injuries

Severe and debilitating leg injuries are unfortunately common in the workplace, and our Fresno attorneys have experience handling these cases. They can happen in numerous scenarios, from vehicle accidents to slips and falls. Some of the most common conditions to be aware of include:


Arguably, the worst-case scenario for an employee is having all or part of their leg amputated in a catastrophic accident. These injuries commonly occur when a person’s foot is caught in machinery or a conveyor belt. Alternatively, the loss of a limb can happen in a vehicle collision or because of an infection which resulted from a work-related injury.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Not all foot or knee injuries happen because of a traumatic event. Often, the most serious of these conditions occur due to repetitive motions slowly leading to overexertion in that body part.

Meniscus Tears

The meniscus is a soft tissue in the knee that is vital for a person’s mobility. This part of the body is often injured due to sudden twists or turns, like when a person steps the wrong way and wrenches their knee. The recovery time for this injury can be lengthy.

Bone Fractures

Broken bones can occur in any workplace, from factories to office buildings. They can occur after a fall, due to a crushing injury, or as the result of a violent assault. Some bones likely to break in an accident include the shin and the ankle.

Taking the Necessary Steps Following an Injury

Dealing with a serious leg injury can be difficult, but there are details that must be done to protect a potential workers’ compensation claim. Employees must promptly notify their employer or supervisor of the incident. Failing to notify their company adequately could put the possibility of recovering compensation at risk.

The next step is to seek out medical treatment. California law allows most employees to pre-designate their preferred physician. When it is done before the injury occurs, a worker may immediately see that doctor. Otherwise, treatment may need to begin with a physician whom the employer approves, however soon thereafter you have the right to change doctors.

What Happens When a Claim Is Rejected?

Not every claim will be accepted. Insurance companies and employers will often scrutinize the paperwork and may look for any excuse to deny a claim. When this happens, there is a process for appealing rejected claims or unreasonably low awards. During this process, it is a good idea to rely on the support of a Fresno workplace leg injury attorney who is well-versed in understanding the proper protocol for filing a successful workers’ compensation claim.

Talk to a Fresno Attorney About Your Leg Injury Claim Today

When you are struggling with pain or limited mobility due to a workplace incident, it may be time to reach out to legal counsel. Workers’ compensation benefits could provide you with necessary medical care and help replace your lost wages, but only if your claim is successful.

It is prudent to talk to a Fresno workplace leg injury lawyer from Silberman & Lam to understand the proper steps for a successful claim. Contact our firm today to set up an initial consultation and to get the support you need.