Fresno Workplace Electrocution Lawyer

Exposure to electricity is one of the many hidden dangers at workplaces around the state. From construction sites to office buildings, a single loose wire or faulty piece of machinery can result in debilitating injuries that could quickly lead to mounting medical bills.

When you have been electrocuted on the job, now is the time to speak with a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney at Silberman & Lam. Our skilled legal team could examine the facts of your case to see if you could have your hospital bills covered and receive monthly payments that replace your lost wages. Before you attempt to handle your claim alone, consider a discussion with a Fresno workplace electrocution lawyer today to understand how to proceed with a claim.

What Are Electrocution Injuries?

Electrocution occurs any time an electrical current flows through a person’s body. This outcome can occur when a person is struck by lightning, but the most common incidents involve coming into contact with a live wire.

Burns are common at the place where a current enters and exits the body. Minor injuries might be little more than superficial wounds, but extended contact with electricity can lead to permanent damage to internal organs or even lead to lasting brain damage. When these injuries happen, a Fresno workplace electrocution attorney could help an injured worker understand their available options for pursuing compensation.

Circumstances Leading to Electrocution at Work

Different circumstances can result in a worker being electrocuted while on the job. Often, this results from a defective tool or other faulty pieces of equipment. When products are poorly designed or constructed, they can emit a current that causes serious injuries.

The lack of appropriate safety gear can also be to blame. A worker could be electrocuted because they were provided with inadequate gear that does not adequately protect them from harm. Alternatively, the injury might happen because the workers were not offered protective equipment at all. Our Fresno attorneys understand that human error also plays a role in these workplace electrocution incidents. Accidents can happen when a supervisor fails to notice that live wires are on the ground or that powerlines are in the vicinity of heavy machinery.

Types of Available Benefits

A successful workers’ compensation claim could result in different types of benefits. A Fresno workplace electrocution attorney could help a worker pursue the following:

Medical Care

Following a work-related accident, injured employees are entitled to lifetime care. The cost of this treatment is covered for as long as doctors feel it is necessary. These bills are paid directly.

Disability Benefits

Employees also have the potential to recover direct monetary payments due to their inability to return to their jobs. Disability can be temporary or permanent, and the amount that is paid out each month can vary. A physician will ultimately determine when and if a person is well enough to return to work.

Job Displacement Vouchers

Some people are offered supplemental benefits to cover the cost of retraining. This is an essential option for someone who is able to work again but is unable to return to their prior place of employment.

Death Benefits

The unfortunate reality is that electrocution has the potential to result in a person’s death. When a person passes away, the surviving dependents might be entitled to benefits through the workers’ compensation system. In addition to a payments, these relatives might also recover the cost of burial expenses.

Call a Fresno Workplace Electrocution Attorney Today for Help With Your Claim

When you or a loved one came into contact with an electrical current at work, those injuries have the potential to change your life forever. Benefits through the state workers’ compensation system might be what you need to protect your quality of life.

Contact a Fresno workplace electrocution lawyer to understand all your available compensation options. Call our skilled legal team today to set up an initial consultation at your earliest convenience.